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Comunicación en el matrimonio: 16 consejos para evitar la crisis La crisis en el matrimonio puede originarse a veces por una defectuosa comunicación. La crisis en sí misma supone una ruptura de ... Pequeños consejos matrimoniales que hacen una gran diferencia. Cambia una pequeña cosa en tu matrimonio para bien y cambiarás todo el curso de la relación. Aquí hay algunos consejos que puedes utilizar para comenzar ahora mismo. 7 consejos para un matrimonio maduro. Por Ricardo Ruvalcaba - [email protected] 1. El matrimonio es para amar. Y amar es una decisión, no un sentimiento. Amar es donación. La medida del amor es ... Matrimonios Cristianos – Consejos que salvan matrimonios. El amor es lo que importa. La decisión de amar a su cónyuge tiene un enorme potencial. Aprender su lenguaje principal de amor hace que ese potencial se vuelva una realidad. El amor no es solamente una necesidad emocional. 15. Construir con sabiduría. Necesitamos sabiduría y la Biblia dice que el principio de la sabiduría es el temor del Señor (Proverbios 1:7). Si queremos construir un matrimonio sólido que perdure debemos ir a la fuente de la sabiduría, a Dios. Él nos ayudará a superar nuestras diferencias y a tomar decisiones sabias. Qué tanto de eso tiene la relación y qué tanto aporto yo a que eso pase. Este es el primer paso que debemos dar a la hora de atacar los problemas matrimoniales una vez hecho esto podemos pasar a los consejos para matrimonios en problemas. Consejo 1. Reprogramar la forma de comunicarse. Los problemas de comunicación son comunes El libro Los siete principios para hacer que tu matrimonio funcione se basa en los resultados de un estudio de 50 parejas elegidas al azar que participaron en 'el laboratorio del amor': un experimento en el que pasaban un fin de semana completo en un apartamento con cámaras para que sus comportamientos e interacciones pudieran ser estudiadas. Una crisis matrimonial constituye un problema de relación personal muy peculiar y a la vez, muy complicado de gestionar. No obstante, los problemas matrimoniales puede resolverse siempre que las dos partes de la pareja quieran y se esfuercen para mejorar la situación. Cómo saber si necesitas un consejero matrimonial. La terapia matrimonial podrá ayudarte a mantener tu relación saludable y sólida. Para determinar si es adecuada para ti, deberás tener en cuenta el estado de tu relación y evaluar los... Megan Gladwell Tal vez tu matrimonio es un mar de la felicidad, aunque a veces sientes que quieras ahorcar a tu cónyuge. No importa cuánto tiempo hayas estado casado. A continuación te comparto 25 consejos matrimoniales que pueden ayudarte a ti y a tu cónyuge a disfrutar de la felicidad conyugal. No seas un mártir.... View Article

The missing logic in posts and hashtags

2020.04.07 03:44 forbidden_thought The missing logic in posts and hashtags

The missing logic in posts and hashtags
Hello all,
I hope everyone here is doing well and taking the proper precautions for their own health.
This will be a long post, so I ask that you please take the time to read it (and all other posts on this sub) if you would like to remain informed. After all, this is an open source blog where the majority of what we post are words. You are all here for the purpose of passing on critical information that has helped so many, including myself. Let us continue in this tradition by taking the time to disseminate information in any way, shape, or form possible.
With that being said, I would like to share a picture that has been circulating on social media that looks to challenge those who are critical of the church’s statements over the “voluntary” participation in tithes and offerings to the church. The post (see picture) is centered on trying to argue that the church has given more than what an individual person contributes. I invite you to read it carefully, and analyze what the writer is trying to convey. What are the arguments? How do they position outsiders? In what way does this prove anything related to the case? Every person in here has a special ability to interpret arguments and come to their own conclusions. I invite you to do this now.
The first paragraph:
“Preguntame cuanto me cobraron por presenter a mi niña de 40 dias al templo. Preguntame cuanto me cobraron por bautizarme. Preguntame cuanto me cobraron por mi boda religiosa. Preguntame cuanto me cobraron for consejos familiars, matrimoniales,…”
The church does not have any “up front” costs for any of its religious services. However, that does not mean that it does not cost you anything. Let me provide an example: As an employee, you have to pay state and federal taxes. Your tax dollars work to build local roads, schools, provide safety, and other public services. The state does not ask you for any type of “down payment” to build a road. They do not make you pay a “fee” when building a local school. Without you noticing, you already pay for it through a bi-weekly or monthly deduction from your paycheck. Most people do not even question the amount deducted in every paycheck, but it adds up – look at your paystubs. We all help pay for it one way or another. This is why the federal government requires – as mandated by law – that you file taxes every year and that you elect how much you want deducted from your paycheck. Not doing so will result in tax evasion and possibly a conviction (even if minor) of some sort.
Similarly, we can say that there isn’t a fee for a church baptism. There isn’t a fee to present your daughter or son to the church before their 40 days of birth. There isn’t a fee to receive counsel from the minister. But, you are required to pay tithes. Although you pay nothing for these services up front, do know that it is something you pay for with daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly tithes and donations to the church. Your “payment” is the culmination of diezmos and ofrendas you have been giving over the years. There is a huge emphasis in church about this. Ministers constantly use different parables in the bible that subtly tug at your heart strings and ultimately make you open your wallet. Regardless of whether you give money or not during a “special” ofrenda, you give diezmos sometime or another. Not doing so will result in you not being “saved.” One of the things a minister checks upon the passing of a member is how “liberal” (Spanish) or generous they were. To do this they check the list of offerings with the commission of finance. There are countless testimonies of brethren not being saved due to them not having a history of giving tithes. Ask your parents, a minister, a friend if it’s possible to see heaven without “demonstrating your faith” through offerings and the like.
In the second paragraph:
“preguntame cuando me han obligado a dar alguna ofrenda oh diezmo”
Sure, you are not forced to give anything, but the outcome on your non-participation is shame and guilt. The minister is not going to walk down from the pulpit and force you to sign anything, make you empty your wallet, or close the church doors to obstruct your exit. Instead, you are verbally coerced into giving money through the use of religious doctrine. The minister taps into the one thing you care about the most in order to make you believe you need to give: your salvation. Countless testimonies have circulated of brethren who have passed on and not made it for this sole reason. When someone passes, one of the core requirements that the minister must look at is their “tithes” as a sign of their commitment to the the Apostle, the church, and God. The words “no se salvo” have followed in many of these circumstances. There are also plenty of examples of churches handing out slips during tax time to have members sign and commit to giving a certain percentage before the funds even hit your account (side note: this is also why the church benefits from having poor people remain in the church. Rich people usually have to pay back taxes). These physical forms are a proxy for another way of coercing you to contribute. If not, then why bother handing out slips? So that they can wave them at you when that direct deposit hits. The church member (most times a minister) preaching will tap into your innermost emotions to sway the audience and maximize the amount of offerings that can be collected in a single night. Many of them are gifted this way. Just know that this is part of their job – to shake down the church until they hear the coins rattle.
You are also policed by church members by placing “listas” in back of the church showing how much each person gave during a special offering. Many churches publish lists that they place in back of the church for the entire congregation to see. My church did this for years. They use this single measure (money) to gauge your level of “faith.” Remember that the church is built on a reward system. Going to church for the day and being acknowledged by the church community of your presence/attendance helps to builds your individual reward system. The more days you go during the week, the better. Everyone in church is competing to be the most socially rewarded. You just don't notice it right then and there.
In the last paragraph:
“no te dejes llevar por los Noticieros mediocres, Medios amarillistas”
Just for clarity, ALL major news networks have reported on the case – Fox, CNN, CBS. ABC. Hell, it even made BBC (British News). What network, then, should we rely on? Should we completely disregard what any of them say because you claim they all have an agenda? Is there nothing factual that they report on? Also, why should I trust you to tell me they are “amarillistas” and not allow me prove that for myself? These types of attacks are all too common. They try to discredit the message by attacking the source. Just because you think (or argue) that these networks have an agenda doesn’t make the message untrue. This type of logical fallacy (ad hominem) should not be the reason why people can't or won't watch the news. News networks update us on important day to day happenings: the weather, robberies, health emergencies (like the current one), and many other potentially good things.
The last sentence:
“nosotros somos testigos de su honorabilidad”
Under what foundation are people able to make these claims? 99.9% of the church does not live, see, or interact with him on a daily basis. Sure, you (and your family) are a testament to his good preaching and example, but how are you any different from the Christian down the street who constantly talks about Jesus Christ? How are you different from Mormons who instruct their children from a young age to devote their life to God? What evidence do you have beside the good values you have – that were instilled by an entire institution – that this (the criminal case, Sochil's lawsuit, the posts on this sub, etc.) is all a sham? Because you feel it? If there is any way you can prove this, aside from a religious institution teaching you to be a good Christian, citizen, and person just as all other religions do, please let me know. I am really interested in finally “waking up” from this trance, taking off the blindfold, and letting loose from this vice grip that the supposed “enemy” has me in.
There is too much in this picture for me to extrapolate on my own. If you feel like there is more to this, please add it in the comments so that others can read.
To the members of this sub: In these difficult times, it would be good if you focused on posting pictures of this kind give others an opportunity to see and think these arguments. My only advisory would be to NOT incriminate anybody. You do not need to mention names, or signal where the person whose profile you took it from. This sub is not about victimizing anybody. It is about attacking arguments, ways of thinking, and logic. Therefore, feel free to take a picture and post it, but blur out names and faces or crop it.
To the people who still lurk this sub: Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I encourage you to continue reading all of the posts in this sub and dissect them for yourself. Challenge yourself mentally by asking if there is any truth to what people say here. Verify information, seek knowledge, and gain perspective within this community. You have already opened the door. Your own inquisitive mind has brought you here because once you analyzed (and continue to think about) the overwhelming amount of evidence, things don’t add up. Follow your mind and your heart. God has blessed you with this ability to think. Do not take his gifts for granted.
edit: grammar
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