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Inability to find a sexual partner is a disability - WHO. ... Sign up for the free Star email newsletter and receive the latest Kenya news daily. PS: Please sign up again if your subscription ... I am over. Find a partner today. People with disabilities still work, do sports, travel, and raise families. Most people want where have a happy life, even networking they may have to best how free networking with a disability. Most people without disabilities find dating challenging at the best of times. The sites world can be extremely ... Learn now if you could qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Our free online evaluation can help you determine what your next steps should be. Call Disability Partners at (651)-633-4882 or Toll Free 1-866-577-9007. Social Security Disability Learning Center – Start Your Path Here. Disability Partners formally Pathways was awarded another grant in 1999 from the Department of Education to open an additional Center in Asheville serving Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, McDowell, Polk, Rutherford and Transylvania Counties. The CIL called Western Alliance Center For Independent Living is a stand alone center with an Advisory Board. Those unable to complete their tax returns because of a disability may wish to consider free tax assistance sponsored by an organization that partners with the IRS in their communities. Check out the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance or Tax Counseling for the Elderly Programs to learn more. Download Accessible Tax Products At Disability Partners, Natalie assists with case development including obtaining and submitting evidence, drafting case summaries, and filing Federal Court documents. She understand how daunting the Social Security disability process can be for our clients and how important the Social Security safety net is for those who are unable to work. Disability Partner offers the complete solution to help protect individuals and business owners from the threat of a disability, including: Disability Income Protection® – provides personal income protection for individuals to help pay everyday living expenses. Are Free Disability Lawyers Really 'Free?' All of the lawyers whom we partner with provide 100% free, no-cost, no-obligation consultations. These consultations provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and decide if the lawyer is right for you. Further, we connect people in all 50 states to disability lawyers in close proximity to them.

Update from the founders - What's going on behind the HTH curtains?

2019.01.04 16:32 HTHCoin Update from the founders - What's going on behind the HTH curtains?

It has been way too long since last update, so here it goes!
Team changes We had to let @MineRR go, since he has been offline for months and no way to contact him. @Recom also left us this week to focus more on his Dixicoin. @Zeus got yellow founder colours as the rest of us, freing up the Developer role to all developers. As you might have spotted our green Team members list have grown, and its a pleasure to include @Lamouchii, @Arwed, @Sub307 into our team. We need more women joining us now so @FabiYamada don't feel alone 📷
New Explorer We have updated the explorer with a lot of new features, including a masternodes tab and coin info. Dev/Charity masternode, Charity fund, seednodes and burn addresses are now tagged, and large movements >2.5 mill are marked red. Burned and unmovable coins are excluded from circulating supply. Thanks to @Sub307 for the work on explorer!
Server moves We moved charity Masternode and the explorer to new vps held by the organisation. They were hosted on private held vps up until now. We plan to move the seednodes and websites also before their servers are due to renewal. The Discord is also moved to the organisation through the new user @HTH. This frees us up from a single point of failure.
You can help minimizing our hosting fees by using our referral at Digital Ocean Currently they give $100 in free credits to new users.
Exchanges We applied to Binance, mainly due change in their listing requirements. Awaiting their reply. We are also still awaiting reply from Tradeogre.
Development Our code is updated with hardcoded nodes in addition to the seednodes. This should remove any connection problems for new wallets. Wallets are not compiled yet. HTH is added to Satoshilabs slips, we are now coin code 231, 0x800000e7. @charlie137 is focusing on travis-ci build when he got time, as well as answering my many questions. A simple PoS system is coded and ready for testing. Coinomi is reviewing our code for integration to their mobile wallets!
Charity The Charity wallet have grown to just shy of 84 million HTH. @Cyberfrog has started to contact possible charity partners, and we do have some interest out there. The charity website has been live since 24.dec at
Other stuff Still being around we get noticed out there, and quite a few comparison sites have listed us lately:
Mintnodes are closing down their business, leaving us with primarily MN World and CHT. Bear markets have ruled through the holidays, and HTH price is also influenced by this. Because of the low price CHT also disabled HTH deposits, but still serve the ones running.
Maybe this is the time to step up and start your own nodes? It is not as difficult as you may think!
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2012.05.15 09:51 8echos FAQ SUGGESTION: "Antimale Legislation Roundup" cleanup

By directive of the US Department of Education: A rape accusation need not meet the legal standard of 'proof beyond a reasonable doubt' to end the accused's college career:
(a) Permitted Uses. In a criminal case in which a defendant is accused of a sexual assault, the court may admit evidence that the defendant committed any other sexual assault. The evidence may be considered on any matter to which it is relevant.
Joe Biden (author of VAWA) describes the terms:
[Under these rules, t]he prosecutor, instead of just having to deal with that witness and those facts, is able to go out and find anybody who is willing to say, 'By the way, when he was 21 years old when we were parked in the car he physically molested me,' without any proof of anything. Now, the people who might . . . have been around to prove that that was not the case, the couple you double dated with in the front seat of the car, are dead. But you have a witness, the one person sitting there, who says, 'But that happened to me 25 years ago.'" 140 Cong.Record S12,261 (August 22, 1994). Biden declared that he had "a moral, intellectual, and practical aversion" to this rule.”
Related articles:
False Rape Society- “Title IX Sexual Assault Directive Has Just Made College Even Less Friendly for Males”
False Rape Society- “College Women Not Charged For Underage Drinking So Long As They Cry Rape”
False Rape Society- “The Proposed SaVE Act Tosses Your Son's Rights Onto a Scrapheap of Indifference” PROPOSED Campus SaVE Act
Open “Education Department Changes Burden of Proof in Sexual Harassment Cases Under Title IX”
Human-Stupidity- “Rape Laws: dismantling of due process explained step by step“
UND Refuses to Reopen Case of Expelled Student
By 2004, Women outnumbered men at the polls by a difference of several million. Source
Heterosexual, white males who are bullied (by other white males for being overweight, for example) may be denied an investigation by the DOJ. The Educational Opportunities Section of the DOJ Civil Rights Division is only statutorily authorized to initiate suits under Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Related articles:
“DOJ to white male bullying victims: Tough Luck”
Title IV-D requires that a father be named if a woman who applies for welfare has kids, or the mother loses benefits. When benefits for free-loaders are about to be lost, they have no problem putting the name of a father down - right or wrong.
Related articles:
Paternity: Innocence Is Now a Defense
In the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005, Congress specifically provided grant condition ‘(8) Nonexclusivity—Nothing in this title shall be con- strued to prohibit male victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking from receiving benefits and services under this title. Read FAQ on Stop Formula Grants
Though we've seen that in practice, this promise of gender neutrality is seldom realized:
Implications for Prosecutors
Prosecutors should be alert to gender bias in the response of local law enforcement agencies and re-screen cases if the percentage of female suspects accused of abusing male victims exceeds that commonly found across the nation. (Research basis: Multiple studies of abusers and their victims brought to the attention of the criminal justice system [including civil protective orders] confirm the gender ratio as opposed to studies focusing on non-intimate and family conflict.) Source: NIJ
Here is the 2009 California Health and Safety code 124250 which defined domestic violence as something that happens only to females, only recently was amended to reflect gender neutrality (win!)
Facts on domestic violence, and what happens when 911 is called.
According to a 2010 report, Expanding Definitions of Domestic Violence”, 63% of states include emotional distress in their statutory definition of domestic violence. That means any person who claims to be “fearful” – no evidence necessary — is entitled to a protective order and the generous cornucopia of bennies that comes with it.
House and Senate resolutions H.RES 590 and S.RES 373 support the goals and ideals (including that women are at higher risk of DV) of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Designating the month of February 2010 as ‘‘National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month’’, respectively.
Related articles: “Yippee we’re all abusers now!”
Obamacare gave women more consideration "because it was politically expedient", according to Hadley Heath, health care policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum.
Related articles:
“Does Obamacare discriminate against men?”
The difference in funding levels by the Canadian government for male vs. female homeless & healthcare initiatives
The FBI recently changed their definition of rape: The revised definition includes any gender of victim or perpetrator.
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Shane Burcaw is diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and has dated Hannah for three years. Many people mistake Hannah as his nurse. Shane wants others to k... Multimedia 2017 » Subscribe for award-winning short films: » Get some merch: Furlong is used with permission from Adam Meeks. Learn... Disability Partners is a St. Paul based law firm specializing in Social Security Disability Insurance applications and appeals. Visit our website today at ht... 10 Towns Offering Free Land To Almost Anyone. Have you ever wanted to own a piece of land, own a home, or not have a mortgage? Most people do. This list is a... Thanks you are over 170k let make it 200k by Subscribing to our channel: Subscribe to our main Chann... Madina is diagnosed with hydrocephalus, arthrogryposis and crouzon syndrome. She simply wants everyone to have a 'chill vibe' around her. SBSK Insta: http://... In France, sexual surrogates for disabled people are not permitted, but some are pushing to make the practice legal. Read the story here: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 'Society doesn't correlate disability with being attractive... but we CAN be stylish, gorgeous, stunning, and FABULOUS.' For those with disability, what do y...